A Digger photo gallery

These photographs were taken between 1967 and 1974. They are primarily, intimate images of my San Francisco Digger extended family as we moved through our daily lives. I never meant to produce a body of work on the Diggers. I was simply photographing my friends and comrades, our children and the pursuits and places that punctuated our days. I never intended any social, cultural or political inference or content. Some things, however, are hard to hide.

There are a few excellent websites that credibly describe the historic genesis, credo and evolution of the SF Diggers as well as the catalytic and transformative events we enacted. I have appended those links and encourage their use: https://www.foundsf.org/ , https://diggers.org/ , https://diggersdocs.org/ .

The use of these photographs are now offered as a free resource to the Community to honor the spirit in which they were created. Photographer attribution is requested.

Chuck Gould 2023